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Alex Carpenter


I’m Alex Carpenter, a front-end web developer focused on performance and accessibility.

Photo of Alex Carpenter
Photo by Jill DeVries

Throughtout the past five years i've worked professionally as a hybrid front-end developer/designer. Working confidently throughout the stack to produce semantic accessible markup, with modular CSS, and progressively enhance the experience with unobtrusive JavaScript.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with my wife and our puppy, where we spend our time fly fishing, hiking, and seeking adventures offline.

Checkout my now page to see what I am up to right now.


  • Developurrs - An interview series where web professionals about their beloved pets…and tech.
  • Show Me Your Mic - A show that talks to podcasters about gear, software, workflow, and philosophies behind podcasting.
  • How to Hold a Pencil - An interview show with self-taught designers and developers.


  • Front-end Developer @ NationBuilder

    Nov 2018 - Current

  • Senior Developer @ Mighty in the Midwest

    Oct 2015 - Jun 2018

  • Front-end Developer & Designer @ Masuga Design

    Feb 2012 - Oct 2015

  • Co-founder & Creative Director @ Hybrid Media Co.

    Dec 2010 - Feb 2012


  • Site is built using the static site generator 11ty.
  • Template code makes use of Nunjucks.
  • Styles are written in vanilla CSS.
  • Site is hosted and built using Netlify.
  • View the source code on Github.


Current location Grand Rapids, MI.

Top bookmarks,,, siteInspire,

Top apps VSCode, Todoist, iTerm2, Bear, 1Password, Spectacle

Audio Bear's Den, Damien Jurado, Chris Stapleton, Tycho

Inspiration I am inspired by passionate people. People who share what they love with everyone else.