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Alex Carpenter Front-end Web Developer


How to use CSS variables

Here is a quick introduction to CSS variables and how I use them on my personal site.

How to animate box-shadows with transforms and opacity

A quick look at how to animate material design box shadow elements with CSS.

The Vanilla JS Toolkit

A growing collection of JavaScript code snippets, helper functions, boilerplates, polyfills, plugins, and learning resources, by Chris Ferdinandi.

Intro to the inert attribute

A quick introduction to the inert attribute and how you can use it to trap focus within a modal.

Current text editor setup

A quick overview of my current text editor setup.

Perceived Performance: The only kind that really matters

A talk given by Eli Fitch at Fluent Conf 2017 on how to manipulate human perception to make sties & apps feel faster than they actually are.

Introduction to the :not selector

Here is a quick introduction to one of my favorite selectors in CSS, the :not selector. This helps reduce the amount of times you have to undo CSS declarations in your codebase.

How I build components with Craft CMS

In this screencast, I walk you through how I build components for my website in CraftCMS with Twig.

Build your own grid with flexbox

Learn how to build your own robust grid setup using flexbox.

Website skip links

Watch as I add a skip to link to my website to help improve accessibility.