Alex Carpenter

Front-end Web Developer

A few steps toward a more secure browsing experience

This weekend I decided it was time to start looking into a more secure browsing experience for my wife and I. I didn't dig to deep into solutions, but more or less just did what I knew we should have done a while ago. Here is a short list of what we did.

Setup 1Password family account

This is something we probably should have done since we got married. I have used 1Password for the past six or so years between personal and work use. We tended to have to ask each other for login info every now and then.

Updated all of our online passwords using 1Password

Now that my wife has a 1Password account we took the opportunity to update all of our online login information across the board.

Installed Ghostery Chrome extension

I had used Ghostery some time back and didn't do much digging into the latest and greatest ad blocker on the market recently. I might look into Adblock Plus in the near future.

Installed HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that encrypts your communications with many major websites.

Made Brave our default mobile browser

Lastly on the mobile side of things, outside of installing the 1Password app as well, we made Brave our new default browser. It is an open source browser built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web, founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Brendan Eich.

Is there anything we missed or should be using? Let me know on Twitter.