Handy, I always forget these unicode values.

Sideways dictionary — it's like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions.

Fun place to learn some technical terms explained with analogies. 

Accessibility shouldn’t be a “pixie dust” designers sprinkle on as an afterthought

- Vint Cerf

Often times I see accessibility referenced as a task for developers. It is nice to see some guidelines that involve the whole team from designers to even project managers. 

Color fonts represent a key evolution in digital typography, introducing rich graphic features into font files. Thanks to new font formats, color fonts are finally becoming a reality for millions of creatives.

Looks like a great way to start breathing life into the web once again.

Resources for learning CSS Grid

It is about time I start diving in and learning the new CSS Grid spec. Here is a short list to get the process started.

Adventurers in the truest form of the word, the Malloy brothers have carved out their own way of life. I have long been a fan of these guys and their simple way of living. This video is a great insight to a day in the life of the Malloy brothers.

Interview: Tim Smith Designer, Broadcaster, and Coffee Addict

I met Tim through his love of coffee and passion for sharing. Tim shares his thoughts on side projects and staying up to date within the industry.

Interview: Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry

I have read CSS Wizardry since I started in the web development industry. It was a pleasure to get to ask Harry a few questions about front-end development and his thoughts on CSS best practices.