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Lead Web Engineer helping build and maintain public-facing HashiCorp websites and web applications with Next.js.

Currently building and maintaining a marketing focused component library to be used across all of our HashiCorp marketing properties. Kickstarting A/B testing strategies across our Next.js web projects using HappyKit.

Next.js, React, CSS Modules, Framer Motion, and Dato CMS

Timeline ¬

  • Early Careers Program page

  • Brand awareness campaign landing page

  • Promoted to Senior Web Engineer I

  • Why HashiCorp page

    A new page highlighting why thousands of companies like yours use HashiCorp to provision, secure, connect, and run cloud infrastructure for their most important applications.

  • i18n microsite notification redirects

    Introduced notification system using react-hot-toast and framer motion. Used Next.js middleware to detect users prefered language and render microsite redirect notification.

  • Promoted to core team lead

  • Vault homepage and use case pages

  • Consul homepage and use case pages

  • HashiCorp Industry pages

    A suite of new pages highlighting how HashiCorp products help solve industry-specific challenges.

  • Waypoint homepage

    A new homepage for Waypoint full of SVG animations.

  • HashiCorp about pages

  • HashiCorp State of the Cloud 2021

    My first project at HashiCorp. Helped build out sections, charts, and introduced animations.

  • Joined HashiCorp as Web Engineer II