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Ice Barrel 400 review

My thoughts on using the Ice Barrel for daily cold plunges

Ice barrel 400 on my back deck

After using the Ice Barrel 400 for roughly 8 months, here are my pros and cons on the barrel and whether or not I would buy it again with the different cold plunge options growing considerably in the past 6 months.



Would I buy it again? Tough but No.

These days there are a lot of other cold plunges on the market worth exploring. I would likely invest a bit more in a setup that includes a chiller to prevent the need for buying ice so frequently.

I am looking at buying a chiller unit to use with the Ice Barrel at the moment. So the price for the barrel and a chilling unit will likely come out to the price of some of the package deals being offered these days.

PS: I did not include this con because it is not a problem with the Ice Barrel itself, but I was not able to move the Ice Barrel inside to my basement for the winter months due to its size. My doorways were to small for the barrel to fit through. So I’ve resorted to using a 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank that I purchased before the Ice Barrel during winter.