Alex Carpenter ¬

Web engineer at Watershed

Kyle Snarr's everyday carry

Freelance branding consultant, Head of Partnerships at Worn & Wound, and one of the co-founders of a small accessory brand called Cantonment


Topo Designs Accessory Bags

I’m obsessed with these little Accessory Bags by my pals at Topo Designs. They come in three different sizes and I have at least four of them stashed in my backpack at any given moment. There's one for EDC items, my phone charger, laptop cords and adapters, and I’ve even got one specifically for snacks.


BluBlockers Sunglasses

They’re extremely jarring when you first put them on, but BluBlockers quickly become almost addictive. They give everything this otherworldly aura, while providing you with some classic 80s styling.


NOCS Provisions Zoom Tube

An ultra lightweight, on-the-go optics solution that I recently picked up. It’s rugged, waterproof, and has an original design that’s both fresh and timeless.


Blackwing 602

Though I’m starting to dabble in pens, I’ve always been a pencil guy. I love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil. The whole “Half the pressure, twice the speed” philosophy of Blackwing is right up my alley and the fact that I make a lot of mistakes makes an eraser kind of a must.


Cantonment Kerchief

After years of searching for the perfectly sized bandana, I finally decided to make my own. I launch Cantonment in 2020 with two childhood buddies. We’ve 100% cotton tool-cloths that are the Goldilocks size meaning—they’re small enough to slip into your backpocket without bunching up, but they’re large enough to tie around your neck or head.

Watch Tool

Worn & Wound Strap-Changing Multi-Tool

I love watches and I love swapping straps even more. I always have a Strap-Changing Multi-Tool by Worn & Wound in my EDC pouch. I inevitably use it multiple times a week.

Box Cutter

The Palmer by The James Brand

Though a lot of pocket knives are technically not permitted in NYC, The James Brand’s new box cutter is a high-design solution that skirts the legalese. A new edition to my carry, I love how you can also leave the blade behind for air travel and just pick up a replacement blade at any hardware store at your ultimate destination.


Doane Paper Grid + Lines Notebook

Do you love graph paper just as much as you do lined paper? Well, there’s a solution for you. Doane Paper has created a perfect compromise to those two choices. This is where I keep all the phone numbers I used to be able to somehow remember.


Seiko SKX013

The Seiko SKX007 is the classic watch enthusiast go-to. But it’s slightly smaller little brother is more my jam. This watch actually spoke to me once. I was on one friend’s boat, a mile offshore in the Atlantic. I looked down at the watch and I heard a voice say, “Jump in.” So I took its advice, and immediately leapt from the bow into a vat of millions of miniature jellyfish. Now, whenever I have doubts or hesitations, I just think to myself—jump into jellyfish.

Watch Strap

ADPT Mil-Strap

I almost always reach for a NATO-style watch strap. The ADPT Mil-Strap feel more substantial, has tons of creative color combinations, and is 100% US-made to boot!


Bluesband Harmonica

I love keeping a harmonica in my EDC pouch. I am famously not good. But nothing makes you feel like your on an adventure more quickly than honking on one of these while on the trail or around a campfire.


I live with my wife and 4 kids in Pelham, NY located just outside The Bronx.


I’m the Head of Partnerships at Worn & Wound, one of the co-founders of a small accessory brand called Cantonment, and I’m a freelance branding consultant.

Favorite Wes Anderson film

For years I've referred to ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ not just as my favorite Wes Anderson film, but as my all-time favorite movie of all time, period. I really didn't even like it all that much the first time I saw it, but I knew there was something lurking there beneath the surface. Without fail, every time I've rewatched it, I've found yet another moment, line, or prop that I swear I'd never seen before.

Fun fact: I once met Bill Murray as he was literally welcoming people to Los Angeles at the end of the jetway of my flight to LAX. As I neared him, my mind raced to think of something, anything to say. Just as I got to him, it came to me. I asked him if I could call him “Stevesy,” like in the movie. He closed his eyes, gently nodded, and replied… “You can call me Stevesy.”

Green or blue?

I’ve loved the color green ever since I was about 7 years old. I think because I was infatuated with Return of the Jedi… green lightsaber, Forest Moon of Endor, green rebel soldier fatigues.

Favorite automobile you’ve driven

I had a cherry red 1975 BMW 2002 in college, which is easily the most fun you can have in a car at 45 mph.