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Monday Link List

  • Dave Rupert is cleaning out his drafts folder and wrote about the pitfalls of card uis.
  • Lazy loading images and video on the Google developers blog.
  • Plyr, a simple, accessible and customisable media player for Video, Audio, YouTube and Vimeo has been rebuilt in ES6, along with some other great features.
  • Jen Simmons shares how to crop images using object fit. Might as well just subscribe and watch all things Layout Land from here on out.
  • Jeremy Keith liveblogged every single An Event Apart talk this past week.
  • “Front End Dev is so broad these days! Man, it’s tough. If you have deep knowledge on performance profiling, css architecture, webpack and accessibility you’re basically a genius to me.“ - Ian Feather, Principal Engineer at Buzzfeed.
  • Contextual styling with custom properties.
  • “yarn <anything in node_modules/.bin> will run this executable, no need to add it to "scripts" inside package.json.” - Ahmed El Gabri.
  • Raiders of the Fast Start: Frontend Performance Archaeology. A Perfmatters Conf talk by Katrina Sylor-Miller.
  • “My favorite idea from accessible design is the thought that we are born unable to walk, and many of us die unable to walk, so we should consider ourselves "temporarily mobile" in between and design a world accordingly, with affordances for all.” - Matt Haughey.
  • I still use SVGOMG daily to optimize SVGs.

Have a great week!