TypeScript extend React Button HTML Attributes

When I got started learning TypeScript, I found myself defining all of the prop types I expected the component to need instead of extending some of the types React provides by default.

For example, when I created my <Button /> component, I was defining the type, disabled, onClick, etc. attributes and props types.

Instead of having to define each of the attributes/props available on button elements, we can extend React.ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement> on buttons.

// Button.tsx
const Button: React.FC<
type: 'submit' | 'button' | 'reset',
disabled: boolean,
onClick: (e: React.MouseEvent<HTMLButtonElement>) => void,
> = ({ children, ...props }) => (
<button {...props}>{children}</button>

Now when we make use of the <Button /> component, we get intelliSense support for button attributes/props without having to define each of them within our component.

Button intelliSense example in Visual Studio Code

This method applies to other interactive elements like inputs as well.

// Input.tsx
const Input: React.FC<
> = ({
}) => (
<input {...props} />

Here is a Codesandbox with the examples listed above to experiment with.