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2021-02-05 views

How to position text over an image with CSS Grid

To start, lets assume we have a card pattern that uses an image as a background and text is overlaying the image. In the past we've reached for background images and or absolute positioning to solve this.

One of my favorite features of CSS Grid is the ability to stack content on top of each other without the need for absolute positioning.

To start lets create some markup.

<img src="" alt="Sample alt text" />
<h2>Sample article title</h2>
Sidenote: One benefit to not using background images in these instances, is the SEO value you get from inline images.

And here we use grid to stack the header element on top of the image.

article {
display: grid;
& > * {
grid-row-start: 1;
grid-column-start: 1;
img {
width: 100%;
header {
display: flex;
align-items: flex-end;
padding: 2rem;
background: rgba(#000, 0.45);
color: #fff;

Lets break this down. To get the elements to stack we apply grid to our article container. Then we select all of the direct children and set their grid-row-start and grid-column-start values to 1. This in an of itself is all we need to do to stack the elements.

We also added some styling to the header element to create a background overlay to ensure the text is visible and position the text in the bottom left corner using flexbox.

View the demo

Note: There is still some work done to make this responsive and flexible. The point of the demo was to show how to stack content.