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Alex Carpenter

User Interface Engineer at Clerk


Non-exhaustive list of key life and work events.

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Joined Clerk as a Senior UI EngineerWork2024-01-04
Joined Watershed as a Web EngineerWork2023-07-12
Micah was born in Grand Rapids, MI.Personal2023-05-09
Promoted to Senior Web Engineer at HashiCorpWork2022-11-03
Promoted to Team Lead Web Engineer at HashiCorpWork2022-05-18
Joined HashiCorp as a Web EngineerWork2021-07-20
Joined NationBuilder as a UI EngineerWork2018-11-15
Promoted to Senior Web Developer at MightyWork2018-06-01
Joined Mighty as a Web DeveloperWork2015-10-09
Stacey and I married in Lowell, MI.Personal2013-07-24
Joined Masuga Design as a Front-end DeveloperWork2012-02-22
Born in Grand Rapids, MI.Personal1988-01-03