Open Source

Butane Project Starter

A front-end development workflow and project organization for modern web development.

Butane Side-Nav

A modern side-nav JavaScript library that makes use of the inert attribute to help assistive technology users navigate webpages.

Butane Accordion

A lightweight accessbile JavaScript accordion library.


Mighty in the Midwest

Currently building performant and accessible web solutions and integrating CraftCMS powered backends.

Masuga Design

Worked as a front-end developer and designer, building sites for companies such as A&E Networks, Fox Networks, and Image Comics. Lead the design and front-end development of our internal project tools, and

Hybrid Media Co.

Started a small video production company specializing in online video marketing for local businesses such as Madcap Coffee, Atomic Object, and UR Sportswear.


Show Me Your Mic

Joined Chris Enns to talk about how I started the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast, and the tools used to create the show.

How to Hold a Pencil

Reuben Ingber invited me to join him on his podcast Hold to Hold a Pencil to talk about my start in web development industry and being self-taught.

Statamic Series

Question and answer interview by Q Digital Studio about my experience building websites with the flat-file CMS Statamic.