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Alex Carpenter // Design Engineer

A detail oriented user interface engineer interested in CSS architecture, React, TypeScript, and design systems. Currently working at HashiCorp, helping build and maintain public-facing HashiCorp websites and web applications with Next.js.


  • Remote

    Next.js, React, CSS Modules, Framer Motion, and Dato CMS

  • 2018 2021

    UI Engineer // NationBuilder


    Rails, React, and Bootstrap

  • 2015 2018

    Senior Developer // Mighty in the Midwest

    Grand Rapids, MI

    CraftCMS, Shopify, and SCSS

  • 2012 2015

    Front-end Developer // Masuga Design

    Grand Rapids, MI



Alex is an excellent teammate and an exceptionally talented web developer. When he joined the team we gained an incredibly strong collaborator. His thoughtful approach to both producing work and actively reviewing code instantly improved the entire teams workflow. It is clear that Alex is a life long learner and therefore is always sure to bring a new, novel approach to solve a problem.

Jimmy Merritello

Web Engineer, HashiCorp

Alex and I worked together on the design team at NationBuilder. Alex is a natural problem solver, and a talented visual designer. That combination makes him an excellent front-end engineer. We worked together on a new feature with a complex UI and he was able to interpret the designs with a care and detail that is rare, while also making thoughtful UX suggestions. Not to mention Alex is just a great person, easy to talk to and lovely to work with.

Amy Stuart

Senior Designer, NationBuilder

I worked with Alex on a variety of different projects. He is excellent at his craft and a pleasure to collaborate with. His attention to detail always resulted in an extremely polished final product.

Andrew Possehl

Senior Designer, NationBuilder

Alex is incredibly skilled, efficient, and thorough in his work. Perhaps more than any other co-worker I have had, Alex possesses a deep and wide understanding of modern web technologies, while his steady passion for producing best-of-class work inspires his peers to write cleaner, simpler, and more elegant code.

Kyle Luck

Developer, Mighty in the Midwest

I would recommend Alex to any forward-thinking web team. His passion for web standards along with his friendly attitude made him an invaluable part of our development team. I’m always especially impressed with his commitment to continuous learning and I hope to have the chance to work with him again!

Melissa Taylor

Director of Client Services, Mighty in the Midwest

Alex is incredibly thorough and thoughtful with his work and is always seeking out improving in his craft. He’s conscious of meeting deadlines and communicates concerns early so that project teams can be proactive in problem solving.

Danielle Dunn

Project Manager, Mighty in the Midwest

Alex is a true autodidact that is dedicated to keeping up with the latest development tools, methods and trends.

Benjamin Kohl

Back-end Developer, Masuga Design