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Alex Carpenter

Getting back into the swing of things producing screencasts. First up, how to create an animated nav shadow with Framer Motion.

Dec 27, 2021, 2:27 PM


My wife, my dog, and I at the park.

Hey, I'm Alex. A detail oriented user interface engineer interested in CSS architecture, React, TypeScript, design systems, and state machines. Currently working at HashiCorp, helping build and maintain public-facing HashiCorp websites and web applications with Next.js.

Outside of work I am a self-proclaimed serial hobbyist. Currently interested in fly fishing, RC cars, disc golf, and outdoor cooking #smokedmeats. Also big fan of everyday tools and gear.


This site is built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, TypeScript, MDX, and hosted using Vercel. Type is set in JetBrains Mono. Feel free to check out the source code on Github.