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Alex Carpenter

The winter snow has finally arrived here in Michigan. Not sure I am ready for it but excited for the holidays!

Updated Nov 30, 2021


My wife, my dog, and I at the park.

Hey! I'm Alex, a detail oriented user interface engineer interested in CSS architecture, React, TypeScript, design systems, and state machines. Currently working at HashiCorp, helping build and maintain public-facing HashiCorp websites and web applications with Next.js.

Outside of work I am a self-proclaimed serial hobbyist. Currently interested in fly fishing, RC cars, disc golf, and outdoor cooking #smokedmeats.


This site is built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, MDX, and hosted using Vercel. Type is set in JetBrains Mono. Overkill for a small personal website with a few posts I know, but I have learned a lot about React, TypeScript, Cypress E2E tests, and Github Actions from this experiment. Feel free to check out the source code on Github.