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I’m a front-end developer focused on performance and accessibility.

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Latest work

Amway Global

A new performant and accessible website for a global brand.

Amway Global Desktop

Conservation Legacy

A single themeable codebase for eight conservation programs.

Conservation Legacy Desktop

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What it means to be resourceful

Instead, you need to keep your mind on your real goal, and get to it by an uncommon path. Whether surprisingly direct or surprisingly clever, it will be a shrewd and creative solution — kind of rebellious. Either you’ll completely ignore the current norms, or deliberately go against them, or slyly use some norms temporarily as part of a bigger plan.

Derek Sivers

Web Fonts are Rocket Science

Web fonts can be tricky—but are they rocket science? Web browsers have decided to make them invisible while they’re loading to avoid rendering system fonts to users. In order to properly manage the performance of our web fonts, we respectfully disagree with that decision. Roll up the sleeves on your lab coat, y’all.

- Zach Leatherman

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